Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I’m working on a few small paintings that I haven’t finished yet, in the meantime I thought I’d post this watercolour that I painted a couple of summers ago.

I had just moved into this place and I wasn’t familiar with these flowers, my neighbour (the gardener) says they survive by neglect and she has never been able to grow them. Well, they grow really well in my garden and the best part is, they glow at night when all the other gardens are dark.

The mask is African which I bought that summer while volunteering at Ten Thousand Villages. I’m not sure why I put them together but I think in a way at the time they represented hope.

10" x 14" watercolour on Arches 300lb paper - NFS


Alma said...

I really, really like this painting. The vibrant colors contrasted by the lovely white flowers is very beautiful.

Patricia D Arndt said...

Thanks Alma, I'm hoping to do more watercolours.