Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Low Tide #4, 5, & 6

I’ve been using the term monotype and monoprint interchangeably which is common, but my prints are actually monotypes. I use mylar as my plate and work with water based printing inks. I roll or paint onto the surface and then using a wooden spoon I hand print the image on to dampened paper.

There are a lot of variables in the process, the paper has to be moistened just right, the image is mirrored and if layered the last layer is the first layer on the print. Needless to say for every one print that I like, there might be three in the garbage. I’m hoping with time, that ratio will change. In the meantime there is a lot of experimentation and a few surprises.


Sumabokemo said...

Wow, these are GREAT! I'm taking a Monotype class next weekend and you've inspired me!

Patricia D Arndt said...

Thanks Sumabokemo, I hope you enjoy your class. I would love to see some of your work.