Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angel With The Cross

There are ten sculptures of angels on the Ponte Sant’ Angelo in Rome, each one is holding a symbol of Christ’s suffering and death.

I was fortunate to be able to see and walk across this bridge a few years ago.

7" x 14 "mixed water media painting on 300 lb Arches paper


Wes Bergmann said...

I love this painting Pat. There were many sculptures in Antigua as well.

Patricia D Arndt said...

Thanks Wes, hey maybe I'll get there sometime. You have some great photos on your blog!

Alvin said...

We also like this painting, Pat! Al commented on the lovely colours you used.

Your subject matter of angels supporting Christ in his suffering is both meaningful and comforting. How beautiful. Al and Sophie

Patricia D Arndt said...

I appreciate your comments, Al & Sophie. It was a meaningful experience, complete with an approaching thunderstorm.

MEIRONGGG. said...

Wonderful piece of art. :)